CEU Presentation: Pathogen Reduction for the Modern Age: UV and Near-UV as Disinfection Aids

1.0 AIA credit

Course Description: This presentation will discuss the use of Germicidal UV (and some non-UV) technologies that may be deployed to reduce pathogens in public spaces. Various technological solutions will be explored – reviewing their history of use, discussing how they work and their effectiveness for typical commercial applications that we see today. Additionally, design considerations and techniques will be discussed in depth for applying UV disinfection technology safely and effectively, incorporating luminaire concepts to supplement the delivery of general ambient illumination. The presentation will also highlight most recent advances in UV disinfection technology that offer more targeted capabilities for today’s specific pathogen reduction needs.

Please contact Tara Belloni to schedule:
Tara Belloni, Architectural Manager of Healthcare Lighting at Acuity Brands
Mobile (732)-343-0977