Acuity Brands on "Office Spaces"

Feb. 11th 2016

What a proud and exciting achievement for Acuity Brands to be featured on the television series, Office Spaces. It's a design makeover show airing on the Lifetime network in an encore series beginning February 12, 2016. The design project is an outdated warehouse being renovated into a high-tech office space. Acuity provided the indoor and outdoor lighting and controls for the project. Some Acuity staff will even be shown in several of the episodes discussing the lighting design process.

*Acuity Brands on project: Mark Lighting, Winona, Lithonia Lighting, Acuity Controls, & Distech Controls

Dates to catch Acuity throughout series: 2/12, 3/11, 5/30, & 6/20

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