Griven's Humanitarian Project

Oct. 13th 2016

Seeing Spartanburg in a New Light" was 1 of the winning entries from a pool of 237 selected in a nationwide humanitarian program. The campaign was developed to support unique art projects, celebrate creativity, and encourage public-private partnerships. Several community groups collaborated on this project. Not only do the light installations add vibrancy to these Spartanburg, SC neighborhoods, but the hope is that they also inspire change and help improve community relations.This winning project explored artistic opportunities through light by placing 9 LED art installations throughout the city. Renowned artist, Erwin RedI was the lighting designer. The designs ranged from simple video projections to large scale illuminations.

Our line, Griven USA was chosen to light 2 of the high-profile displays, which are historic smokestacks from former textile mills dating back to the 1890's. The towers sit up to 180 feet high. Griven used RGBW illumination projectors to wash the surfaces and reveal the worn brick with a great effect. The projectors also have a dual purpose and were strategically placed and aimed to cover the entire diameter and height of the structures. Griven also provided an external DMX control system so that tailored color-sequencing could be achieved. Griven's expertise with theatrical lighting, high-power wall washing, and dynamic lighting sources made them a great choice for this project.

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