About Us

Established in 1918, Bagby is still a proven leader today, serving the commercial lighting industry with indoor, outdoor, and specialty lighting needs. An innovator of the lighting trade, Bagby has implemented new strategies into the market by designing with proven controls technologies and highly efficient LED luminaires. Not only does Bagby's value come from a strong network of top ranked manufacturers, but also from well-established relationships with their clients.

Today, surging forward with new leadership, the Bagby team includes lighting certified professionals, a design team, a technical integration & controls group, as well as full-service quotations and customer service & support. Their combined experience and expertise make Bagby a strong lighting resource for Charlotte and the surrounding Western North Carolina areas.

Elevate the understanding of the impact that light and the control of light has on our commercial, social and natural environments by using creativity, education, and proper ethics to provide innovative ideas to our clients.

Create a dynamic business that positively affects employees, clients, society and our natural environment.

Code of Ethics
In practicing lighting design, Bagby employees shall operate within a standard of reasonable care consistent with the degree of care and skill ordinarily exercised by other members of the lighting design profession who currently practice under similar circumstances. This would include recommendation of products not represented by SBagby, if that particular product is better suited for the application.

  • Act in a fair and impartial manner when balancing the needs and sometimes conflicting interests of clients, other members of the design team, suppliers, installers, and our manufacturers.
  • Be candid and truthful in all professional communications.